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Black studies

Acquanda Stanford

An unlikely anthropologist doing unlikely work in an unlikely place: critical black breastfeeding in the Mississippi Delta


Nicholas Barron

Presentism revisited

Politics and anthropologies

Paul Durrenberger

Anarchism, existentialism and anthropology

Rafael Lasevitz

Being experts at not-generalizing


Sally A. Applin

Spirits in the sky: exploring jet packs

Urban anthropology

Amanda J. Reinke

Of monsters and men: tech, startups and direct action in the San Francisco Bay Area


Anca Serbanuta

All against one weirdo: an anecdote to illustrate René Girard's scapegoat theory

Ian Cook

What's in a name? Mangalore, Mangaluru, Kudla...


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Who are we? Bronislaw is an online magazine of new anthropological thought and debate. Our main purpose is in one hand to help disseminating anthropological research to a broader public, but in so doing, also to create a space where anthropologists can go beyond the limited frames of academic publishing and allow themselves to develop thoughts and questions that have arisen during research, to broaden fieldwork-based reflections, to expose developing ideas to community debate, or even to join into other contemporary anthropological debates by replying to essays published here or elsewhere.

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